Aquapark Nymphaea in Oradea, just 5 minutes from Lyra Hotel

Sep 9, 2018

We are far from the time when going to the hotel was a complete experience, and all you could do was hanging in the area designed for relaxation, in the apartment, in the swimming pools or in the lobby. Holidays are no longer something for which you make savings for years, more and more people reserve several days a year to fun, whether it be extended weekends, holidays or other days off. The travel market recorded, according to the Ministry of Tourism, an increase of 20% over the last year. However, with this growth, the requirements and expectations of tourists are also increasing.

Whether it’s the food specific to the area, whether discussing about the location or services and entertainment, we choose by taking one thing with another, with the scale that also represents the budget.

Today, the tourist wants to taste more of what makes the experience to be unique. The industry has evolved that we like to travel to make our memories unique, to visit places which stand out through their originality, quality of service, places where we feel proud to appear in pictures on social networking sites, but also where we will return with our family.

The embodiment of these characteristics is Hotel Lyra in Oradea, ideally located close to Aquapark Nymphaea.

Aquapark Nymphaea, an example for other tourist areas in Romania

Hotel Lyra offers the optimal solution: to stay in the hotel that is well placed for tourist requirements, located just 5 minutes away from Aquapark Nymphaea, 10 minutes away from the city center and about 20 minutes’ drive to the airport. Located on the European Road 60, the direction of travel to Cluj-Napoca, it offers more options, whether you want to visit the center but also if you come with your family and kids, you’ll feel at ease. By understanding that the importance of an exceptional service consists of personalized service and attention to detail, the young staff is always ready to satisfy the wishes of visitors, which in turn will feel perfect in the 3 stars family hotel, which according to the feedback of the guests, is one of the best deals for accommodation in Oradea.

Aquapark Nymphaea, the tourist complex with world class services

Aquapark Nymphaea – supremacy of fun and joy and, from the perspective of those who visited … a dream realm. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • There are 7 swimming pools outside, for adults and children, swimming pool with waves reaching up to a depth of 2.15 meters, swimming pool with water slides, Olympic swimming pool (depth 2 meters) and the swimming pool for jumping;
  • Inside there are six pools, including one with a pirate ship and shallow water for children and 4 waterslides in various sizes;
  • A SPA area with Turkish bath and geothermal water pools with different temperatures, steam room, massage room and relaxation area, sauna (infra-red, aromatherapy, Finnish, Russian, saline and cold room).

The complex, located on the Northern Bank of the Crişul Repede River, is the evidence of the successful transition from the former area of the municipal swimming pool in a project of 88.342.934 lei, used for the improvement of 67.694 sqm.

Aquapark Nymphaea is equipped with world class service and will certainly become a focus of tourism in our country. It is a proof of Romania where it is possible, a place where the locals are friendly, of course, as we already know, but also a proof of seriousness and an example for other areas in tourist development.


Photo: Amazing Visuals