Black Eagle Palace, a secession masterpiece

Apr 4, 2018

The most important monument in secession style in Oradea is of course the Black Eagle Palace located in Union Square. In place of this building, built by architect Jakab Dezso and Komor Marcell in the years 1907-1908, was the Green Tree Inn. Black Eagle Palace was equipped with the largest hall in the city, being used for different purposes (movie theater, performances, concerts).

Inside the palace is decorated in Secession style, characterized by an abundance of interior elements (ceilings, arches, windows, doors, paneling, railings, walls, columns, glass or stained glass) characteristics in the first decade of our century, as an expression of architectural sensibilities and artistic conceptions.

Black Eagle Palace has an interior passage covered with glass element that it singles secession architecture in the context of our country and also attract the attention of tourists. The palace is “Y” shaped with three entrances dominated by one eagle, emblem of the building. Part of the passage entrance from the V. Alecsandri and Independence street is shaped like an eagle’s beak.

On the facade that is situated at Piata Unirii you can see the features and the beautiful secession style clock tower. Note the ground ornaments (floral and zoomorphic), combined with other styles of baroque or rococo, and a mixture of elements is that make Black Eagle Palace an architectural monument special and a unique expression of artistic thinking from the early twentieth century.
And it is the largest and most representative architectural ensemble Secession style in Transylvania.