The thermal baths of Oradea and its surroundings

Dec 7, 2019

It is said that in Romania there are about a third of the thermal springs in the whole of Europe, and in recent years domestic spa resorts have begun to reinvent themselves and return to the spotlight. The resorts in Bihor attract hundreds of thousands of tourists who are interested in spending a stay in an oasis of relaxation and care, wanting to benefit from the effects of thermal waters.

Except for the touristic objectives in the area, most tourists enjoy the hot baths in Oradea and the surrounding area, which takes care of and modernizes the equipment with the facilities useful in treating various diseases.

Baile Felix

Located in Bihor County, 9 kilometers from Oradea, the main attractions of the resort are the pools with thermal baths that reach temperatures of about 32-36 degrees, which can be touristy even in winter. The beaches of Băile Felix are the most modern in the country, and the money invested in hotels, centers of agreement and entertainment venues of the state attract an increasing number of tourists.

1. Having fun at the President Aqua Park in Băile Felix

Aqua President is located 280 m from the intersections of DC64 and DN76 roads, with Beius or Deva direction. You can get access to the Aqua Park by passing through the woods, going in a parallel direction to the International Hotel.
It is an ultra-modern complex inside the resort of Băile Felix which includes pools with thermal water or variable temperature, between 34-36 degrees.

Here you have access to 14 indoor pools, 6 outdoor pools, area for young children, and splash for older children, indoor and outdoor slides and a relaxation quiet area. Also, guests will benefit from this modern and modern complex of indoor restaurant, outdoor terrace, grill area, 3 bars, 2 food areas, lawn beach, sunbeds, and of course private parking. The complex is fully equipped to accommodate about 800 people and is open during the winter as well.

The operating program can be viewed here:

2. Relaxation at the Apollo Strand in Baile Felix


This is one of the most popular places of relaxation, in which the interested persons can have both cold water and thermal water pools, with a temperature between 26 and 49 degrees. This modern beach offers 10 pools for both adults and children. One of the pools has an area of 1000 sqm and is equipped with whirlpool facilities, holding 20 beds underwater massage. The Apollo Strand hosts activities such as aquagym, aquazumba, sports competitions and foam parties in the summer season.

Also, sauna, solarium and showers are present inside the beach. The beach is located very close to the entrance to Baile Felix resort, in the immediate vicinity of a beautifully arranged promenade. Remember, visiting the Apollo beach in Bihor you will have fun, relaxation and adventure 365 days a year in one place!

More details about this strand can be found on the following link

3. Relaxation at the Strandul Termal in Baile Felix

It is the most modern private pool in Baile Felix resort and its surroundings, being appropriate from all points of view with the European norms in force. These norms refer both to the quality of the thermal water, its composition (verified and monitored) as well as to the quality of the services offered.

The clients of the complex have at their disposal all the conditions to spend all day inside the beach. There is the possibility to have a meal at the self-service restaurant or to enjoy a cold refreshment. Lovers of adrenaline can enjoy the 3 slides, each offering different sensations. If you are not adrenaline dependent there is the possibility to actively relax on the volleyball court or mini football.

Thermal water pools, with temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius, offer optimal bathing conditions for all categories of customers, of all ages. In the basins there are various elements that have the role of increasing the comfort of the clients.
The wave basin is an “attraction” enjoyed by all categories of customers, contributing to spending time in a pleasant and at the same time useful given the beneficial effects due to the thermal water.

4. Adventure at the Aquapark Felixarium in Baile Felix


This leisure complex shares a common body with the Lotus Therm 5 stars Hotel, which has a state-of-the-art treatment base. Therefore, the guests of the resort have the opportunity to benefit in one place from all the services they may need for a treatment stay, rest or simply want to have fun with family and friends.

With the opening of the Lotus Therm Hotel, classified at 5 stars, the Aquapark has indoor and outdoor pools, thermal water pools, sauna, whirlpool and jacuzzi, to ensure favorable conditions for relaxation and fun, regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Details and updated rates can be found right here:

Băile 1 Mai

Baile 1 Mai resort is located in Bihor County, only 2km from Baile Felix and 4km from Oradea, between Rontau and Haieu villages. Known throughout the time and under the name of Baile Episcopiei (XV-XVII centuries), the resort was noted mainly due to the mineral waters and the saprogenic sludge extracted from the lake located in the locality, used to treat some conditions.

1. Venus Baths in Băile 1 Mai

Venus Baths is the largest thermal private pool complex in Baile 1 Mai resort where you will find 14 pools of which: an Olympic basin, a trampoline basin, the highest trampoline being from 5 m, and a large trapezoidal basin with an increasing depth, and the largest depth is 2.5 m. The trampoline basin is round and the water depth is 4 m. There are 2 round pools for children with little water of 0.5m. Right at the entrance, the first 8 pools are in flower form, and in the middle there is a small terrace.

Venus Baths in Baile 1 Mai offers pretty good conditions for all the guests who want to spend the whole day swimming or relaxing. The very large land near the grassy pools and trees with generous shade, offers a place of refuge in the hours not recommended for the swimming. If you are hungry, you have at your disposal terraces with menus to the taste of everyone at affordable rates.

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2. Treatment and recovery at the Perla Complex in Baile 1 Mai


Regardless of the season, tourists will discover within the Perla Complex a specially created space for relaxation, restoration and recovery. The health of the guests is here in the place of honor, being arranged a Spa & Wellness Center and a Health Center.

The Spa & Wellness Center consists of 2 indoor thermal water pools, 2 internal thermal water jacuzzi, 1 outdoor semi-Olympic pool with thermal water, 1 outdoor pool with normal size with thermal water, an outdoor pool for children with thermal water, a sauna Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, massage room, cosmetic salon, tanning salon, state-of-the-art fitness room, medical spa treatment.
The complete and professional services that this complex offers, will help you to achieve your balance, health and beauty.

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3. Relaxation in a natural landscape at the Strandul cu Valuri in Baile 1 Mai

Strandul cu Valuri is an interesting swimming pool with artificial wave that is an attraction for those who prefer to bathe in peace, in a natural landscape and the possibility to rent a sunbed or even to stay in the tent or bungalow. What makes it unique in Europe, is the installation that produced waves and that is over 100 years old. Austrian engineers have built the engine, which even now starts at the sound of the bell, sending waves on the “Bihor Sea”.

Here the thermal water has a temperature of 26 degrees, located in a beautiful area with lots of greenery, on the edge of the forest. It has a large area and can host about 600 beach places. Inside the beach you can find 2 forms of accommodation and 3 well-stocked terraces with a rich assortment of cold foods, minutes, soft drinks and alcohol.

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Thermal Baths in of Oradea: a new world of entertainment – Nymphaea Aquapark


The construction of the Nymphaea Aquapark started in the winter of 2015, and the reception took place in 2016. The Nymphaea Aquapark has an area of 7 hectares, is located on the former beach of Oradea and cost 88.3 million lei. In case you’re not familiar with the LEU currency, don’t worry, that’s still a lot of money, money well spent!

The Aquapark is split into 6 sections where you can find the changing rooms, the restaurant, the medical office, 13 covered pools, 4 slides that are inside. Certainly, the most beloved area will be the one in the section 4 where the outer slides are, the tower reaching 18 meters high. In addition to the above, there are 5 outdoor pools (with waves, for jumps, Olympic, for children and adults), a multifunctional sports field (basketball, football, handball), 2 volleyball courts on the beach, 2 tables for table tennis.

The pools with recirculated water, properly treated and filtered and the water massage present at 4 pools (3 indoor and 1 outdoor), make the Nymphaea complex to be the most modern aquapark in western Romania. It is important to remember that the baths are open to the public throughout the year.

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And if you plant to stay longer in Oradea, here is our recommendation for accommodation located just five minutes from the Aquapark and ten minutes from downtown: